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Thought I would try a couple more Emu eggs before starting another Ostrich sculpt.

Where did that wonderfully translucent turquoise go?  The 'middle' layer on these two have no real transparency and are a flat green.

Decided to turn them into night lights in order to gain forced transparency, more depth/variance.
A Daily Deviation?  Cool.  I had figured this type of thing wasn't appreciated much.

Thank you for all of the comments and glad you enjoyed the share.

Regarding questions about the 'Africa' egg;

  Yes, it is an ostrich egg.  Average size, set me back about $20 US.

  Altered with a LOT of slow, tiny, gentle cuts.  I use a NSK Presto hand piece along with various diamond and carbide bits for the majority of the cuts - some done 'manually' by placing a bit into a drafting lead holder.  Most of the final detailing and shaping is done using a 7901 carbide 'needle' bit (with a steady hand you should be able to split a hair with it).
  Spent around 1,000 hours on this piece over the course of a year.  Began 'carving' eggs just under 5 years ago.

Other thoughts;

  Technique best described as doodling.

  Being a bit nutz helps.

  No rules!  They're more like introductions.

  Ready to push it farther and hope to have another piece to share in about a year or so.  

Thanks again.  Have fun.