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wow!!! you're amazing!!!
La-gato-negro May 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
whoa, from what i was told this is extremely hard and by looking at the amazing details you are an awesome artist!
wow you are really good at carving :)
ElliographyCope May 10, 2012  Student Photographer
Incredible :D
Oh my God O.o I don't even know what to say! It's amazing!
Boo-Bottle May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thats is amazing work
DinaNobles May 10, 2012  Student Artist
Beautiful work!! Have you ever tried an emu egg? They have layers of color. You are probably the only person who could do them justice.

It shouldn't be called "common sense" it should be called "UN-common sense" due to its rarity.
The piece "Loz wedding" is an emu egg. Managed to utilize all 4 layers. Outer layer for the darks, shaved outer layer for the sand, the second 'secret' layer for the sky, the third (teal) layer for the water/wave (shaped for variation) and the inner most white layer for the sea foam.
CreamCity3d May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Exceptional work! Without the crisp photos all of that fine detail in the eyes, giraffe spots, wrinkles would be lost.
ShineeSerenDipity May 10, 2012  Student Writer
Your work is so amazing and beautiful, amazing talent!
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